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How to make handmade paper Christmas gift tags

Making handmade paper gift tags...

For the past few Christmas seasons I've been offering free Christmas gift wrapping on all Microfleur flower presses and Wooden Deckle paper making kits, and I've always included a free handmade paper gift tag.  Sometimes it's a pressed fern/Christmas tree tag, other times a pressed Queen Anne's Lace flower/snowflake tag, either way, they are fun to make, and a great way to display potential creativity!

Here's my favorite way of making handmade paper gift tags, with handmade  2 x 2" handmade paper using the Card and Gift Tag paper making kit.

1.  Using the 2 x 2" deckle, make the desired amount of handmade paper - for Christmas gift tags I use/recycle white  paper, and add a generous dash of glitter for sparkle. 

2.  Cut 2 1/2" x 5" pieces of cardstock, one for each gift tag. Take each strip, fold in half, and glue a handmade square onto the front.  I use an Avery permanent glue stick for this.

3.  Decide what kind of pressed material you would like on the front.  In this instance I've used individual fronds of a large fern I pressed years ago, cut into the shape of Christmas trees. I colored the "trees" with a Prismacolor marker for a darker evergreen color.  If you don't have any pressed ferns on hand, the "filler" ferns available in flower shops press well in the Microfluer. 

4.  Apply your pressed material to the handmade paper, using PPA or Elmer's Glue. 

5.  Embellish your tag if you wish - I sometimes draw a border around the handmade paper with a silver or gold glitter pen, or you can add a ribbon, etc.

6.  For a nice finishing touch, place the gift tag in a glassine envelope.  These tiny translucent envelopes allow the pressed material inside to show through, and make a really nice presentation.  They can be hard to find, so if you need some, you can find them here.

7.  Need a quick Christmas or birthday gift idea?  Make sets of 5 or so gift tags using a variety of pressed flowers, stack them up on top  of each other, and tie with raffia.  A great hostess gift!

gift tags with pressed flowers and handmade paper



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